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Photo of Dr. Strader Blankenship
Dr. Strader Blankenship
Phone: (276)730-3202
Email: sblanken@ccpsd.k12.va.us 

Photo of Dr. Mark Burnette
Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Mark A. Burnette
Phone: (276)730-3216
Email: maburnet

 Instructional Department
Photo of Dr. Bervely Adams-Parker

Director of Curriculum and Instruction PK-12 

Dr. Beverly Adams-Parker
Phone: (276)730-3214

Photo of Shane Woods

 Supervisor of Student and Adult Services
Shane Jessie Woods
Phone: (276)730-3200
Email: jdwoods@ccpsd.k12.va.us

Photo of Linda Dalton
Director of Federal Programs
Linda M. Dalton
Phone: (276)730-3218

Photo of Dr. Laura Goad

Director of Special Education
Dr. Laura Goad
Phone: (276)730-3209
Email: lhgoad@ccpsd.k12.va.us