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Mission Statement

Our Mission
To provide education for all within our community, which respects, supports, and encourages those who learn and those who teach.
Our Vision

"Education for All...Success for Everyone"
Our Values

In seeking to implement the mission, the Carroll County Public Schools recognize the need to provide for all learners an equality of programs and equity in access to them. Further, the Carroll County Public Schools honor:
  • the contributions of all within our community who contribute to the accomplishment of the mission.
  • a cooperative and collaborative effort on the part of all.
  • a commitment to the achievement of the mission.
  • competence as teachers and learners.
  • a love of learning and love for those who learn.
  • involvement in a process of on-going improvement.
  • personal and professional integrity.
  • creativity and adaptability.
  • dedication.
  • dependability.