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Bus Driver Requirements

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Carroll County, VA operates a consolidated public school system comprised of seven (7) elementary schools, one (1) middle school, and one (1) high school. In order to get students to and from school each day the county employs approximately 100 drivers to operate 70+ school buses, activity buses, and special needs buses. Fully trained, licensed and qualified drivers are in constant need.

In order to become a school bus driver in Carroll County the following steps / procedures must be completed:

  1. Submit an on-line electronic employment application via the Carroll County Public Schools Division (CCPSD)website at Carroll County Public Schools Standard Application
  2. Attend a pre-employment “Orientation” session with the Human Resources office of the CCPSD
  3. Submit information to the Carroll County Sheriff’s office for a background check
  4. Go to the Carroll County Health Department for a TB test
  5. Complete a minimum of 24 hours of classroom training as prescribed by the Virginia Department of Education for all School and Activity bus drivers by a certified trainer
  6. Pass a drug and alcohol screening test
  7. Have a mandatory physical examination
  8. Submit a DMV acquired driving record showing that the person,
    • within the preceding five years, has not been convicted of a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs, convicted of a charge of refusing to take a blood or breath test, convicted of a felony, or assigned to any alcohol safety action program or driver alcohol rehabilitation program
    • within the preceding 12 months, has not been convicted of two or more moving traffic violations or has not been required to attend a driver improvement clinic by the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  9. Furnish a statement signed by two reputable persons who reside in the school division or in the applicant's community that the person is of good moral character.
  10. Obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Learner’s Permit by going to DMV and taking the required written tests for:
    • General Knowledge for Commercial Vehicles
    • Minimum Class “B” CDL
    • Air Brakes
    • Passenger Vehicle Endorsement (P)
    • School Bus Endorsement (S)
  11. Complete approx. 14 hours of “behind-the-wheel” training in school buses with the certified trainer with no students or other passengers on-board.
  12. Test with and Obtain from DMV a CDL Class ”B” (minimum) license with the appropriate “P” and “S” endorsements.
  13. Complete a minimum of 10 hours of “behind-the-wheel” training with a certified instructor with students on board.

Once ALL of these steps have been completed and your final evaluation is cleared / successful, you may begin to drive a Carroll County School bus independently based on need and assigned route or activity.

ALL classroom and behind-the-wheel training is furnished at no charge to the applicant by CCPSD.

Questions regarding working for Carroll County Public Schools as a bus driver may be directed to the CCPSD Human Resource office or the Transportation Garage at either (276) 728-3191 or (276) 730-3200.

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Carroll County Public Schools

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