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Budget Services within the Finance Department is responsible for the development of the Carroll County Public Schools Operational and Debt Service Budget along with the Construction, Food Services and Textbook Fund Budgets. To accomplish this, the Budget Services section will:

  • Develop an Operational and Debt Service Revenue Budget based on estimates of resources available from the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Federal Government, the County of Carroll, and from other funds.
  • Develop an Operational and Debt Service Expenditure Budget based on input from the Budget Committee. The budget will estimate the expenditures required to operate the division's programs for a single fiscal year. The Expenditure Budget must balance to the Revenue Budget.
  • Produce a comprehensive Annual Budget for submission to the School Board and to Board of Supervisors

Budget Development

is the process of preparing and adopting, on an annual basis, a financial plan for the subsequent school year beginning July 1. The process begins in December when the School Board forms a Budget Committee. Two public hearings on the budget are held to obtain citizen comments prior to approval by the School Board. The approved budget is then submitted to the Board of Supervisors for inclusion in the County Budget. The Board of Supervisors conducts additional public hearings prior to the adoption of the County Budget.

Budget Management

is the continued overview of the budget process after adoption of the budget. Virginia School Law 22.1-91 prohibits the over expenditure of appropriated funds.

Operational Budget




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