Welcome to Gifted Education Department!
Welcome to the Gifted Education Section
Our Philosophy

The Carroll County Public School Division recognizes that all students deserve the most appropriate and most challenging program for their own unique interests, achievement levels, and learning styles. As a part of providing educational opportunities for the continuous progress of all students, gifted students need expanded programs in order to meet their greatest potential.

Services for the gifted will compact, expand, enrich, and/or accelerate instruction to meet the needs of the gifted learners. A differentiated curriculum for gifted students will be reflected in the content, process, product, and learning environment. Appropriate experiences for gifted learners will be addressed as an integral part of the comprehensive educational program.

Gifted students demonstrate cognitive abilities that enable them to advance further and faster in knowledge acquisition and production of new knowledge than many students. Gifted students also have unique affective needs regarding feelings, uneven development, and achievement. Therefore, Carroll County Public Schools will provide a variety of educational opportunities, from kindergarten through the twelfth grade, suited to the needs of gifted students.

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