The Carroll County Pre-K Program Overview

The Carroll County Pre-K program is funded by the Virginia Preschool Initiative Grant, Title I funding, and funding from Carroll County Public Schools.

  • Children must be 4 by September 30th and must be resident of Carroll County.
  • Meals & Snacks are provided.
  • Carroll County uses a coordinated enrollment process working with Headstart to make sure every child has access to a program.
Carroll County's Plan to Ensure High-Quality Instruction in Virginia Preschool Initiative Classrooms

All Virginia children, regardless of background or zip code, are capable of and deserve to enter kindergarten ready. Yet the most recent data from the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program indicates that 40% of students enter kindergarten “not ready” in terms of demonstrating key school readiness skills.  For children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds that percentage climbs to 48% - far behind their more advantaged peers.

Unaddressed, not being ready for kindergarten has long-term consequences such as falling below grade level expectations, grade retention, special education placement, and school dropout!

Carroll County Can and Will Do Better

An investment in the early years of life is one of the best investments society can make. This return is lifelong—children who experience effective early childhood programs are more likely to finish college, get high-paying jobs, and be healthier and happier later in life.

Yet access does not equal quality and quality does not happen by chance. In response to the General Assembly, the VDOE created a universal plan to help ensure that the Virginia Preschool Initiative provides a high-quality preschool experience that helps prepare each 4-year-old served for kindergarten.

As requested by VPI, Carroll County is following the guidelines and participating in Practice Year 1 of the Early Childhood Unified Measurement and Improvement System and created a Continuous Quality Improvement Plan.