All Seven Elementary Schools in Carroll County are Title I Schoolwide Schools

Title I is committed to enhancing the academic performance of ALL students so they can be successful.

Schoolwide programs are comprehensive programs designed to upgrade the entire educational program in order to improve achievement of the lowest-achieving students. This includes additional teachers and support staff, extra time for instruction, a variety of teaching methods and materials, funds for parent engagement activities, and additional training for staff.

Specific school needs are identified by the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Team that comprises the school's Title I staff, administration, teachers, parents, and often community representatives. Using the CNA, the team then addresses the identified needs in the Schoolwide Plan.

The purpose of the Schoolwide Plan is to implement evidence-based reform strategies that include specific details about enriching the curriculum, addressing the needs of all children, fostering parent and family engagement, progress monitoring, and budget.

Each school must describe how funds will be used to address the needs of ALL students for the duration of the school's participation in the plan. Schoolwide plans are evaluated and reviewed annually.

To learn more about Carroll County Title I Schoolwide Plans, or other school specific Title I information, visit each school's Title I page below.