Carroll County Public Schools-Title I

Carroll County Public Schools administers federal programs that supplement instruction and provides services to specific groups of students. Title I is committed to enhancing the academic performance of all students so they can be successful and productive members of society.

All elementary schools in Carroll County are Title I Schoolwide schools.

Schoolwide programs are comprehensive programs designed to upgrade the entire educational program in order to improve  achievement of the lowest-achieving students. All students may participate in Title I funded initiatives. There are three basic components of a schoolwide program: Comprehensive needs assessment (CNA); comprehensive schoolwide plan; annual review of the schoolwide plan.

Purpose of the Schoolwide Plan: evidence-based strategies, action steps, responsibility, monitoring and frequency. The schoolwide plan must: provide opportunities for all students; strengthen the academic program in the school; address the needs of all students; provide a description of how the funds will be used; remain in effect for the duration of the school’s participation in the schoolwide plan.

Schoolwide Plan Components: CAN; strategies to be used to provide opportunities for all children: evidence-based reform strategies; specific details about enriching the curriculum; address the needs of all children; parent and family engagement, benchmark/evaluation, and budget.