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10 days ago

Cavaliers Connected

“Cavaliers Connected” is a 100% remote learning program available to all CCPS students.  

Highlights of this program include:

  • 100% Remote -- All course work and teacher-student interaction will be done virtually.

  • 100% Free -- The program is offered at no cost to all CCPS students.

  • Participants Remain CCPS Students -- Students enrolled in “Cavaliers Connected” will earn exactly the same credits as those enrolled in our traditional program.

  • Technology Hardware and Support Provided -- All “Cavalier Connected” students will be loaned a Chromebook and have access to a “Tech Support Hotline.”

  • Flexible Schedule --Some assignments will be completed independently with the support of a CCPS teacher.  At other times, teachers will meet with students virtually at specific times to provide live instruction.

"No matter where we are ... we are Cavaliers Connected!"